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Lice are a dreaded infestation, but we’re all likely to these blood-sucking hair pests, and many of us have had lice before. Insects are often thought of as a problem for kids, but people of all ages can have lice in their hair. Our products are not meant to treat people for mites, but we have the specialists that can treat your home.

What Are Dust Mites, Lice, and Scabies?

Dust mites are incredibly tiny bugs that belong to the spider family. They live in house dust and feed on the dead skin cells that people regularly shed. Dust mites can survive in all climates and at most altitudes. They thrive in warm environments, preferring those at 70°F

Lice are small insects that live on the skin. They are often connected to the hair on the scalp or in the pubic area. When you have lice, it is called pediculosis. Scabies is a condition caused by mites, which are tiny, insect-like animals that dig under the skin. Both conditions cause itching.

How to Treat Lice

Head lice and body lice can be more of a problem. The former can cause painful itching and bleeding of the scalp and may increase hair loss in children and adults. Luckily, infestations can be treated with special shampoos that kill lice and their eggs. While body lice aren’t highly problematic in the advanced world, they can transmit dangerous diseases and represent a significant cause of mortality in the developing world.