Call GET’M PEST CONTROL to eliminate ticks & design a customized prevention program for you. The benefit of a specific treatment program for you is that it will dramatically reduce the population of ticks on your property.

Ticks are already out and about. Also, ticks have gotten a head start and are expected to be in more significant numbers this year. Therefore, it is important to check yourselves and your pets for ticks as well as use best practices to lower your risk. For instance, calling a reliable pest professional you can trust.

“A ‘Horrific’ Season for Lyme and Other Diseases”

Ticks are a problem for both humans and pets. Ticks carry and transmit many diseases an example is Lyme disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tick-borne has more than doubled in the last 13 years!

It is crucial to get rid of ticks in your yard to prevent bites and the spread of disease, but also to prevent ticks from entering your home. Knowing these pests are running wild in the house or are possibly on your pets, or your family members can be stressful and cause discomfort and worry.

Do I Need A Tick Prevention Program?

Most experts recommend taking precautionary measures against deer (Blacklegged) and bog ticks because they can spread disease. Ticks go through 4 life stages over three years and must eat blood at each stage to survive; for each cycle, they find a new ‘host.’ A tick needs a new host at each stage to survive, so one that survives will ‘exchange fluids’ with four different hosts: human and animal.

GET’M PEST CONTROL can handle all your tick control and backyard pest control needs .Ticks are most active in the spring & summer, now is the best time to start. Call GET’M PEST CONTROL for a free consultation We can help you get rid of ticks in your yard today!